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Live Virtual Receptionist 





In business, great service is everything. Our friendly virtual receptionists excel growing your business while freeing up your time. Here at McCory Elite live Virtual Receptionist Services, every call is important.






Our well-trained and trusted professional virtual receptionists offer more than the standard phone answering services. Using a courteous, and helpful voice to leave your clients with a positive impression of your business is our core strategy.  We build business relationships and meaningful connections with your prospects- creating more positive opportunities for your business to thrive.


We handle your calls perfectly to enable you to get on with other important parts of your business with ease. With Mccory Elite Virtual Receptionists, you can be in multiple places at the same time.



 Our unique and reliable live virtual receptionist service is designed to assist every prospect or client calling your company in a manner that leaves a positive impression, helping your business thrive. We dedicate the best receptionists and creating a custom solution that depicts your front desk preferences.  




  • live online receptionists- No robots

  • Save more and improve productivity

  • Present Business image in a professional way

  • Run your business more effectively   


At McCroy Elite, missed calls and poor customer service are a thing of the past.

Our nearshore Live Virtual Receptionists are exclusively from the island paradise of Jamaica, where customer service is engraved in the fabric of their rich and friendly tropical culture.


This tropical paradise is more than just its magnificent beaches and stunning topographies. Jamaica is slowly emerging as a global outsourcing hub in customer service!!!

Every encounter with McCory Elite's Live Virtual Receptionist breads a positively memorable experience from start to finish. This overflowing rush of tropical paradise feeling will be the bust of flavor your business needs to attract your ideal customers, ultimately improving their satisfaction and demanding their loyalty. 

Our Live Virtual Receptionist does more than professionally answer calls with a smile. They consistently engage customers to improve customer satisfaction and ongoing loyalty. 

Our expert services are specifically tailored to our individual client's needs and include:

  • Customizable call handling for inbound and outbound calls

  • Flexible coverage hours

  • Appointment Scheduling 

  • Call Forwarding 

  • Lead Qualification and Intake 

  • Robocall Filtering 

  • Call Screening 

  • Online Booking and Checkouts

  • Call Overflow

  • Event Registration


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Our Live Virtual Receptionist!!!

We have a dedicated and well-trained cadre of live virtual receptionists who can consistently provide excellent services delivered promptly and cost-effectively. 

  • 3+ Years of Customer Service Experience

  • 2+ years of Experience in answering service

  • Extremely self-motivated with solid time management. 

  • Ability to anticipate the needs of others coupled with a strong desire to serve.

  • Excellent level of personal organization

  • Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills, analytical skills, attention to detail, and follow-up skills

  • Possess excellent communication skills, both verbal and written to communicate value offerings and functionality to customers properly

  • Possess superior customer service skills, with the ability to react quickly and decisively to resolve customer issues in a professional manner

  • Proficient phone and computer skills; Ability to answer and manage inbound calls, make outbound calls

  • Ability to multi-task (e.g., maintain several live chat conversations while navigating on the computer and taking notes) and perform well in a fast-paced environment

  • Ability to adapt to change with the business needs of our valued clients


Grow your business with live virtual receptionists.


Happier customers. Fewer interruptions. Live Virtual receptionists who create real connections and serve as a seamless extension of your business.


What Our Clients Say

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"We aren't always available to answer the random calls that come in. With McCory Elite, we never miss any of them."
-Melissa Morales