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Become an Agent!!!

It’s 6 a.m. on a Monday morning, and your alarm abruptly wakes you. Tired and irritated, you pull yourself out of bed and rush to get ready for another routine-filled week of work. You have to report to work at 9 a.m. sharp, with a strict lunch break at noon. Even worse, you’re required to work until 6 p.m., which means you won’t make that exercise class your friend invited you to. By the time you make it to your house at 7 p.m. (or later depending on traffic!), you quickly realize your whole day is gone!


When you work a traditional role, your work-life flexibility is nonexistent, and your income potential is capped. You have to schedule your life around work and meet your boss’ never-ending list of demands.


You know there has to be a better way of making money and finding professional fulfillment — but you’re not sure what to do next. One option is to look for another position, but you might end up in the same unhappy situation in a few months. Another choice is to start a gig, like ridesharing or grocery delivery. But when you realize the income is exceedingly unpredictable and the environment is unsafe due to COVID-19, you decide that’s not the best choice either.


You would love to work for yourself, but you don’t have the start-up capital or know how to build a business. It feels overwhelming to find a space to lease, hire people, find clients — the list goes on. Now what?


In Just a Few Clicks, You Can Become An Agent/Independent Contractor @ McCory Elite, LLC & Work and Make Money From Home


What if we told you there’s a way to start working from home, and make money, all with very little start-up money and personal financial investment? This is where the Arise® Platform comes in.


The Arise® Platform provides business opportunities unlike anything else. It connects you to Fortune 500 brands that need customer support!


That’s where you come in. You can leverage Arise® Platform technology and support infrastructure as an Independent Contractor @ McCory Elite, LLC — where you decide when you want to work and the flexibility to do the things you enjoy. Here’s everything you need to know about this life-changing opportunity.

Servicing Client Opportunities

The clients using our services are often the leaders in their industries; many are Fortune 500 companies with names you'll recognize. As such, they have exciting opportunities, as well as high standards for servicing and performance. The sooner you complete the registration process, the sooner you'll be able to gain access to these opportunities — and the quicker you will be able to earn money, and you can enjoy all of the advantages that come with working from home.


You are able to set your own schedule using the Arise Platform.


However, please note the following:

  • Hours are available on a "first come, first serve" basis, so it is beneficial to select servicing intervals (which are 30 minute increments) as soon as possible.


  • More servicing intervals are available during a client's peak demand period. Please be sure to review the Opportunity Announcement (OA) for the client program you are interested in servicing.


  • The OA provides detailed information about each client program opportunity, the hours of servicing, and the peak demand hours for the client. Be sure that the hours align with your desired schedule before you express interest in an opportunity.


  • Certain client programs have specific servicing hour requirements, which will be detailed in the OA. For example, some client programs require weekend servicing or servicing on certain holidays. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly review the OA and Statement of Work to ensure that you have selected a client program that you will have no problem servicing.


  • Note that for certain client programs, if you or your business is a top performer, you may receive first choice of hours. The better you perform over time, the more desired servicing times may be available to you.

McCory Elite, LLC | Live Virtual Receptionist Services | USA
McCory Elite, LLC | Live Virtual Receptionist Services | USA
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How soon can I start working? 

Start earning in 2 to 5 weeks 

How soon you start working and earning money depends on how quickly you register, and what Client Opportunity you select. 


Once you've registered and set-up your user account, your next step is to enroll in a client opportunity. As part of the opportunity, you will have to take a certification course which will give you the details about the client and project you have selected, as well as the client's systems which you will be using during servicing. 


Certification courses may take as little as two weeks or as long as five weeks to complete depending on the opportunity selected. Some opportunities provide an "earn while you learn" element to certification, where you will be taking calls while learning and earning revenue during the certification period. 


After registering, download and read the Opportunity Announcement (a brochure with all the details) for the clients you are most interested in for details about a project. You'll find important information about servicing hours, revenue, certification length and servicing expectations in the Opportunity Announcements.