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Clients receive access to proven live virtual receptionist services and funding options. 

McCory Elite provides business owners with top-notch nearshore live virtual receptionist services and funding options that enable them to plan for future success. Many businesses rely on McCory Elite for effective virtual office solutions. Becoming a client of McCory Elite means:


  • Save time and focus on other important parts of your business;

  • Build brand trust- 100%

  • Increase client loyalty

  • More sales and a higher lifetime value $$$ 

Live Virtual Receptionist Services | McCory Elite | USA

Customer Support Services Outsourcing

McCory Elite stands out among the top customer service outsourcing companies. We have a proven record of delivering successful outsourcing solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Our team handles the tedious legwork for your company and ensure you reap the full benefits of outsourcing customer service. McCory Elite manage your business's interactions with both old and new customers and provide that great customer experience that commands their loyalty.


Outsource to us today to improve performance, reduce business overheads, save time, and reduce the risks of outsourcing customer service.

According to a Gartner report, over one-third of customer service representatives will be working at home by 2023. That's a massive increase if you consider that only 5% of customer service employees were working at home in 2017.


Let's take a look at some of why businesses choose digital call centers as part of their business plan.

Ability to expand business hours.

Ease of managing and monitoring the call center.

It opens up access to a broader talent pool.

Live Virtual Receptionist Services | McCory Elite | USA
Live Virtual Receptionist Services | McCory Elite | USA

Reduces overhead costs.

Enables internal collaboration virtually.

Reduces employee turnover.

McCory Elite Live Virtual Receptionist Services

Working with McCory EliteLive Virtual Receptionist is easy. Just select the plan that best fits your needs and let us handle the rest. 

  • Stuck in a meeting? 

  • Out for the day? 

  • Feel like taking a few calls? 

You decide how and when we step in. We're always there when you need us and at the ready when you don't.

We are happy To Assist!!!

Appointment Setting 
Customerized Call Handling:

  • Outbound Calls

  • Inbound Calls

  • Call Transfer

Accurate Message Taking 
Call Overflow
Call Screening 
Online Booking & Checkout
Event Registration

And Much More...

Live Virtual Receptionist Services | McCory Elite | USA
Remote Team Meeting

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