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Case Study | Meet Robert

Robert wanted help managing admin and management tasks leaving him to focus on his business.


The Problem

Bob runs a marketing business and found it impossible to carry out paid work for existing clients, find new work and new clients whilst maintaining his business administration duties. His phone was constantly ringing, and he would consistently miss calls and miss opportunities to grow his business. 

These are issues all business owners face.

Solution and Outcome

Bob decided to onboard our Live Virtual Receptionist to assist him with his admin and management tasks.

Which meant...

Bob is now able to concentrate on giving his existing clients the attention they deserve, building stronger and deeper relationships with them.

He is getting more out of his clients in terms of frequency of sale, and value-of-sale, and this extra focus has opened up further referral opportunities. 


In short, more time, less stress, better income, and a big smile!

Robert | McCory Elite, LLC | USA

A few words from bob 

"Initially, my goal was to reduce my workload by 10 hours per week, but by delegating the related tasks to the receptionist team, I actually ended up saving closer to 15 hours as well as strengthening the relationships with my existing clients and having the time to focus on additional revenue. Amazing!"

- Bob Smith

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