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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

McCory Elite provides high-quality live virtual receptionist services and business funding options to business owners across all industries. We are in the business of opening doors to new business opportunities.


Ahead of standard virtual office solutions, we offer top-notch live virtual receptionists to both new and existing businesses. Our live virtual receptionist services include phone answering, appointment scheduling, message taking, call transferring, appointment reminders, and so much more!


The many advantages of choosing us start with our reputation. At the heart of everything, we do believe all calls matter and, as such, prioritize all calls and messages to create a long-lasting and positive impression of your brand.  


Bright Future with McCory Elite!


With McCory Elite, the future is bright for your business as we continue to use customer-friendly live virtual receptionists to build trust and business relationships with both your existing customers and new prospects. Our receptionists are hand-picked from various industries to provide hands-on receptionist services, address challenges business owners face while answering calls, and set them on the path to success.  


McCory Elite Business Funding Option


McCory Elite delivers the very best business funding solutions to businesses like yours. We are committed to helping businesses thrive and financially struggling entrepreneurs prosper. We tailor our business funding requirements to meet the financial needs of both new and existing businesses.


Small business owners face business funding challenges to reach the next level of their business evolution. Most funding companies leverage these challenges by exploiting entrepreneurs with high-interest rates. Here at McCory Elite, we are more than just a regular business funding company. We’re an ally to entrepreneurs looking for business funding for startups and small business owners across many industries.   


McCory Elite grants you the funding access you need to realize your business dreams.

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Our Voice

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
-John Quincy Adams

Milton Williams | Live Virtual Receptionist Services | USA

Milton Williams


Milton's key strengths begin with his reputation as a reliable and resourceful "go-to" person. His exceptional interpersonal skills led him to impactful collaborations with key stakeholders and effective staff communication and development. Milton is widely known as a highly organized and efficiency-focused business planning professional with a knack for identifying and streamlining roles and processes, implementing and reporting metrics strategy, and creating overall sustainable solutions for his team.


Additionally, he is passionate about both growth and leadership. He is directing his many abilities toward making McCory Elite, LLC the number one creative, dynamic, and virtual staffing provider with the best Independent Contractors.


Our Values

  • Conduct business with integrity & fairness

  • Focus on our customer's needs

  • Continuously train our agents & improve our processes

  • Provide exceptional services

  • Reward agents on merit to promote growth and success

Our Mission

"Our mission consists of three separate objectives:

  • To be a strategic link in our customers’ communication processes, committed to exceeding their expectations around the clock.

  • To provide our employees with opportunity, giving them a voice to express their talent, passion, and commitment to excellence.

  • To develop remarkable solutions, using our expertise and consistent, disciplined action to deliver peace of mind.”

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